Holiday Apartments for Rent in Calabria, Falerna – Summer 2019

The apartments are located 80 meters from the seafront, and have facilities and comfortable furnishings. The apartments are in Falerna Marina town (CZ), on the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria in Southern Italy, famous for its clear sea and stunning scenery.The coastal village offers both peace of mind and the fun: restaurants and recreation-rooms are arranged on the beautiful promenade.

“La Grima” holiday apartments are located in a central zone of Calabria: with about an hour of drive you can visit different places such as Tropea, Capo Vaticano, Soverato, Pizzo Calabro, Caminia, Sila.



Kite Surf area

5Tje8GbycThe area is also a popular destination for Kite Surfers, who meet in the nearby beach of Gizzeria, known nationally as one of the most suitable for this sport.




The property “La Grima” is recognized by the Calabria Region.

Municipal Authorization 228/05 of 27-06-2005